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Via Piazza Roma N 40 98057

Milazzo (Me)

Tel . 090.9100022

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 Via Borgo Pila n 40


Telefono +39.0108480325

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Training, leadership, networking, inclusion, mobility... We help you progress throughout your career to achieve your goals and better serve our clients.We at D.B Service are committed to providing you with all the tools you need to manage your professional path. This enriching career path is one of our core missions towards our employees. It is also an essential performance lever, which allows us to constantly strengthen our skills, always keeping in mind the needs of our customers. And it is also a strong resource for attracting, developing and retaining talent within the Group!By joining us, you will benefit from personalized support to express, analyze and realize your development wishes. Technical or managerial training will be offered on a regular basis: in 2020, 50,000 hours of training were provided and half of our employees attended at least one training course. We have also built career paths - for example - to allow you to evolve within a Group with many branches and opportunities. Thanks to our decentralized organization and the great diversity of our activities, these developments can take place in your region.