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Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)


Supply of Turnkey Plants and Solutions DB Service, thanks to the great operational experience acquired over years of ,thanks to the engineering structure closely integrated with the field organization, has full capacity to supply plants with a "turnkey" formula in the "Oil & Gas" field as well as in "Power Generation" and Industrial Plant.

DB Service is able to perform a wide range of functions as a main contractor for entire complexes on an EPC basis, providing the entire service chain up to the supervision of assembly, construction and commissioning, proceeding with start-up, operation and maintenance assistance, revamping, conservation and relocation


The entire organization is based on a high multidisciplinary engineering capacity to cover the most varied and necessary technical disciplines in the field of both basic and detailed design of plants in the field of Power generation and Oil & Gas.
Specific solutions born from experience and in-depth knowledge of the various critical issues and current problems in the respective fields lead to the development of highly reliable, economical and easy-to-implement projects, optimizing costs and implementation times.


The DB Service’s Purchasing Department with international contacts is able to range over multiple purchasing markets and choose the most technically appropriate and technologically advanced component according to the latest findings and models in line with the most performing requirements offered, with times and methods of supply in line with any needs of the project.
Furthermore, our Procurement focuses on optimizing supply chain efficiencies to ensure a competitive and sustainable advantage for the challenges of a changing market. Our commitment is oriented towards the development of a supply chain model that respects local content and takes into account  the  importance of correct relationships with all suppliers.


DB Service Technical Team deals with Construction, Erection, Assembly, Testing and Commissioning of Projects in Power, Oil & Gas and other Industrial and non-energy sectors. A very robust team consisting of experienced engineers, skilled technicians, and a huge workforce is solidly beyond in executing high- precision work projects. In the power production sector, the Company is used to develop projects of erection and construction of power plants with boilers, gas and / or steam turbines, complete generators and balance of plant devices (BOP), for various sizes and scales.

The company provides integrated construction services for the assembly and commissioning of OIL & GAS, POWER and INDUSTRIAL plants. Activities on steam turbine generators, steam generators including auxiliaries, gas turbines, piping systems for gas & oil facilities and BOP packages, including civil works in both metal carpentry and concrete.

The high capacity of DB Service's field Team, its specific experience and continuous technical training and refresher courses determine a close-knit, cohesive group that is perfectly integrated with the technical office. This, in short, is the high capacity linked to the construction phase, focusing on professionalism, quality and, last but not least, safety in carrying out the work.

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