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Operations and Maintenance



DB Service recognize that the operational success is based on the efficiency of the Operation & Maintenance (O&M). Our organization provides our Clients with O&M customized solutions, technical assistance to operations and on-the-job professional training.

We never tire to improve our capability in the provision of maintenance and maintenance engineering services including CMMS implementation and management, maintenance and operation manuals and training of operators.

DB Service offers quality solutions to optimize plant output in the most cost- effective manner, coupled with strict HSE standards, providing home office support and site activities, project management and supervision, planning and cost control, procurement Services, HSE services, spare parts & material management, technical assistance and field maintenance.

Reliability, Safety, Efficiency, Energy Saving, Production Optimization, these are some of the main objectives that DB Service sets at the base of its O&M projects. The availability of energy resources is valuable and must be defended and optimized by all possible means.

Maintenance in its most advanced and complex expressions constitutes an indispensable tool for optimizing production and improving operational safety.

Technical capacity, experience, the continuous presence of strong engineering, are the basis of the integrated O&M projects implemented by DB Service where maintenance interventions, technical management of the systems and work planning lead to a global optimization of the systems, maximizing their
production and minimizing losses and costs



Management and maintenance of electrical energy generation systems