Sede Operativa:

Via Piazza Roma N 40 98057

Milazzo (Me)

Tel . 090.9100022

Ufficio di ingegneria

 Via Borgo Pila n 40


Telefono +39.0108480325

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DB Service S.r.l. was founded in Milazzo (ME) Italy, by the CEO Mr. Ferdinando Del Bello. DB Service is an Italian Company specialized in the design, engineering, installation, construction, maintenance and management of energy: from its production to its use! Industrial systems, power plants, OIL&GAS sectors everywhere there is energy with suitable projects in every part of the world.

DB Service has the aim, mission and capability of providing projects and technical solutions which are based on innovative and cutting-edge services. A company that considers progress and innovation as its corporate basis. We are constantly looking for solutions that generate improving effects in a short time. With the study of guaranteeing better performance by reducing consumption and waste of time.

Our continuous updates allow us to use cutting-edge technologies to always stay up to date in our sector, creating continuous quality solutions that are truly innovative and advantageous for us and our customers.

DB Service for its internal policy, always puts in first place the following elements that are considered fundamental and parts of its own organization:


o Respect for the environment

o Respect for all populations

o Respect for the safety of all the staff involved

o The moral integrity and quality of the work done


In addition, DB Service Srl is RINA certified and operates under strict quality control regime.