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The extensive and complete knowledge in the "Oil & Gas " sector allows DB Service to manage "Power Production" plants and their main components at 360°, providing complete packages of integrated and optimized services for the
management of all the needs, from operation to maintenance, with careful study and customization that allow us to achieve the set objectives in accordance with the needs of each customer.

DB Service is particularly active on the maintenance service, characterized by a strong presence in Operation & Maintenance, Overhauling, Rehabilitation, Modernization and Renovation of Power Plants. These activities are characterized by a highly compressed timeline for the execution of the works and an accurate knowledge of the information on the different equipment and technologies. As an experienced and leading service provider in this segment, the company has built the best team of skilled technicians and engineers. The company is equipped with all modern equipment and testing instruments for the detection and elimination of defects in the rotating and non-rotating parts of the plants.

The company is able to provide complete services in the mechanical, electrical and I&C fields and it is able to provide versatile services with a single point of contact. The company can provide comprehensive services in the mechanical, electrical and I&C sectors and is able to provide versatile services with a single point of contact. The headquarters structure, characterized by high flexibility, dynamism and speed of action, allows the company to intervene in any emergency at high speeds, reducing downtime of equipment and units and the consequent production losses.

The strengths of DB Service arise from a high capacity for diagnosis, data processing and engineering capable of analyzing the state of the machines and planning interventions, optimizing production and costs for an always efficient, safe and reliable operation of the systems. DB Service is able to provide complete services for the operation, management and maintenance of plants and their main components of all the main technologies on the market.

The fields of application range from the traditional steam system, to the gas system both in simple cycle and combined with new and more innovative wind farms and solar parks, proving that respect for energy is equivalent to respect for the environment.


According to the project requirements we will promptly mobilize resources and put in place any appropriate facilities needed.
Our services are tailored to the specific Clients’ demands meeting and exceeding the expectations even in the most difficult operational conditions. We continuously strive to reach new standards, never feeling to have reached our best, but always fighting to improve.